Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It seems that everyone had spring fever today.   We all piled out of the house to enjoy the warmth of the March sun.  The bees were spring cleaning( taking the dead bee bodies out of the hive) flying around pooping all over the place.

The chickens were in the run basking in the sun.

I was using the roof rake to take snow off the plastic shed (they shouldn't even sell plastic sheds in Muskoka)  I was glad that no one came to visit as I was doing this task in capri's, a t-shirt and winter boots. A real fashion statement!


 Then Pretty Boy decided that he would fly off his cage and hide under the sofa.  Both dogs think this is lots of fun.  I will be glad when his owners get back from Florida!

It was a great day in Muskoka!


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