Saturday, February 11, 2012


Bee Jacket:   I made the mistake of wearing a bug jacket after a few stings I quickly ordered a bee jacket.

Boots:   I wear my Dad's old Wellingtons, I make sure my pants are tucked into the boots.

When I put on my bee jacket the dogs go and sit on the couch.  Not sure if they are concerned for me or themselves.

Hive Tool:  This is used to open the hive,pry frames apart, and remove wax and propolis.

The bee brush is used to brush bees off of the frames when harvesting honey.

Smoker:  The smoker is used when working in the hive to calm the bees.

Looking at my bee equipment has got me excited for the coming season.  With today's temperature of minus 10  it seems so far off.


  1. I laughed out loud at the photo of your dogs on the couch. They're so cute!!!!
    Also, I LOVE the thick black border around your pictures. I may just steal that idea!

  2. I am going crazy trying to figure out all the templates etc. I for sure have issues! My dogs are so much fun I don't know what I would do withgout them.

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